Find the things you want, but don't need to buy!
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What does LendIt provide you?

P2P & B2P

Peer to Peer and Business to Peer! LendIt is unique in that all users can be individuals or existing rental businesses. We encourage peer to peer rentals and to support our local rental businesses! Businesses must submit a copy of their certificate of insurance to have a “Verified Business” account. Verified Business Accounts will have a lower service fee than individual Lenders.

Make Money

Wouldn’t it be nice if the items you don’t use started paying you back? With LendIt turn your beach cruiser, tools, text books and much more into a side- income! For existing rental businesses, expand your customer outreach, increase profits and utilize our top reservation management system to simplify your operations. Businesses can list inventory and manage all transactions from one easy dashboard for quick check out and check in procedure.

Top Security

At LendIt we take your information and security very seriously. All transactions and payment information are conducted through STRIPE Inc. who is known for their top payment security. We recently partnered with a local security company to ensure top security in all aspects. Also, all users may they be businesses, renters, lenders and even items obtain ratings! We do our very best to ensure all users are held accountable and their non / positive actions are illustrated.


Why you should use LendIt

User Experience

Platform Simplicity

Business Friendly

Customer Outreach

Sharing is Caring


New Adventures


Lower Consumption

Stop Buying


Item Management


What is LendIt all about?

  • Why sell it, when you can LendIt!

    Find the things you want, but don’t need to buy.

    LendIt is a community based platform that enables users to post, lend, and rent a variety of items for profit while also saving time and money. Everything from tools, bicycles, school supplies and camping equipment. Don’t sell it, LendIt instead and find yourself a new source of passive income!

  • Increase Your Customers.

    LendIt also acts as a connector between existing rental companies and their customers, increasing visibility and profit. LendIt does not own or manage any property listed through services. Businesses can list inventory and manage all transactions from one easy dashboard for quick check out and check in procedure. We want to bring communities together by letting anyone on our platform rent the items they need from local businesses and other users. All users must be 18 years of age or older.

  • Why sell it once when you can rent it all the time!

    Aside from showing you that sharing is caring and it can pay you back, we can be the tool that lets you declutter your space. Move around some of the items you don’t use and someone else might want. Think minimalism but it makes you money. LendIt will allow all users to post an item for rent, rate other users, view items by location, search and sort existing rentals, facilitate transactions, provide in-app communication capabilities, and display cancellation policies upon request

  • Buying is not the only option.

    Communicate before a transaction so you can speak to the owner or renter before you meet up. Search for items by area or by category and arrange a pickup location and drop off spot. Help us to change the way our society thinks, buying is not the only option. Lower consumption, find the items you need or post those you want to start paying you back. Bringing your community together, what will you contribute?

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Download on the App Store
Download on the App Store

Frequently Asked Questions

If you dont see your question below please contact us!


LendIt is a sharing economy platform that allows users and businesses to lend and rent items.


Downloading the app and signing up are completely free. There is a 13% service fee for verified businesses and 18% for individuals, per transaction.


A business account designed for existing rental businesses. It allows them to post their inventory on our app at a reduced service fee. To be a verified business account you must submit proof of insurance as stated here


Pretty much anything! We encourage you to post items like tools, textbooks, camping equipment, recreational equipment, and anything else that others might need. Verified business accounts may post some items that individuals cannot. For example: vehicles/motorcycles licensed for road use, motorized watercraft, inflatables/bounce houses and hoverboards. Please refrain from firearms, paraphernalia, or anything illegal. For a full list, be sure to review our terms of service and conditions.


You will be paid about 7 days after the transaction. Your first payment may take up to 1 - 2 weeks. All of our payment services are processed through Stripe.


We expect both parties to communicate and resolve the issue themselves. If the parties involved are unable to reach an agreement, contact us to investigate and we will handle the situation accordingly. Please note, all moderation decisions made by LendIt are final. For more information, please see our terms.


If the renter does not cancel the transaction within the timeframe prescribed by the lender, the renter will be charged for the full rental of the item.


In the event that the Lender does not show, you will be refunded for the reservation and the lender will be charged a cancellation fee. Be sure to reach out to us if this happens.

There is a 15 minute grace period for returns. If later than 15 minutes but less than an hour we charge an additional 50% of the rental. If the rental is more than an hour late, the original charge is doubled. We strongly recommend that renters communicate with lenders if their rental will not be back on time. Late fees are initiated by the lenders upon failure to return the item. They can be waived if an appropriate amount of notice and urgency are demonstrated in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Renters are expected to be sensitive to their Lender’s time and to keep in mind that they may have another reservation for their item waiting.


If it's been more than 24 hours past the return time and you haven’t been able to reach the renter, send us an email at We will look into each case and take action accordingly, in extreme cases you may be required to file a report for the item.


Use the in-app rating system to rate the Item and the user. It’s up to you to create a thriving community by highlighting good use of the app. Share the experience with your friends on social media and let them know how it went!


San Diego Locals, Military Veterans, SDSU Alumni – Our users are our highest priority!


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